Answers To Your Burning Questions

What Would You Like to Know?

Is occupational therapy really necessary?

Yes.  If your child has been identified by a teacher or another healthcare professional as needing occupational therapy intervention, it means that he/she is having difficulty performing certain age-appropriate tasks.  It is important that these difficulties are addressed sooner rather than later. In occupational therapy we will complete age-appropriate activities to address specific skills and improve performance in daily tasks.

How long will my child receive occupational therapy intervention?

This varies from child to child and will depend on the rate of development of each child.  Therapy usually takes 6 months after which a re-assessment is done to monitor progress.  Some children will often require a further 2 - 3 months for consolidation of skills to take place.  Progress is also dependent on the amount of work and exercises done at home.

What can I expect from the first session?

During the first session you will bring your child for an assessment.  An assessment will be done by using various formal and informal testing methods and can last up to 2 hours.  After the assessment you will receive feedback regarding the results of the assessment and you will also be supplied with an assessment report.  Recommendations will be made according to the needs of your child and therapy will commence during the next session.  Therapy sessions takes place once a week for either 30 minutes or 45 minutes.